Why Shop Small?

1. A more personalized shopping experience. 

     Most small business rely on word of mouth as the best form of advertising so expect above and beyond customer service at most small businesses. At The Snack we know how important it is to enjoy your entire shopping experience and leave feeling better than you walked in so we do everything possible to put a smile on your face. Most of our reviews mention our excellent customer service and we are so thankful that our wonderful customers see the passion and love that we have for The Snack. 

  Shop with us and see what all the 5 star reviews are about!


2. Better for the environment.

   Fast fashion such as clothing bought from Amazon, FashionNova and Shein might be great for the bank account, but Mother Nature pays a hefty and destructive price. Low cost items are not built with the craftsmanship that small business put into their work and wind up ripped or with popped seams very quickly. This is a leading contribution to the over 17 million tons of textiles and clothing that wind up in just America’s landfill alone every single year.

  You can help end this pandemic of overflowing landfills by shopping smarter and smaller. It’s far better for the environment, and your bank account in the long run, to shop with a purpose and buy a higher quality of clothing. You don’t even need to break the bank to buy a new fit or two, The Snack is determined to keep our items not only quality, but affordable as well.  

3. Small businesses encourage entrepreneurship within the community.

  Many local business owners are willing to provide advice and mentorship opportunities with local entrepreneurs. Since they understand the corporate world and already dealt with all the hurdles and roadblocks on the way to becoming a successful owner, they can lend their knowledge to the entrepreneur so that the new business owner is equipped with the right tools and resources to grow their own companies.

   For the owner of The Snack, it was seeing other role models or people in the community follow their dream of owning a business that gave them the encouragement that they needed to start The Snack.


4. You're supporting someone's dream

     Small businesses are formed when a person or two decide that they want stop the daily routine of a 9-5 job and are willing to spend every moment of every day devoted to building their new dream from the ground up. Small business are built on passion, often many tears, hard work, and help from family and friends. The Snack PDX was built on a single person's dream of avoiding the mundane 9-5 in an office and the need for well made bikinis and lingerie.

One thing to remember: 
     Buying from a big chain store funds a CEO’s new Lamborghini or 5th vacation mansion. When you shop small you fund a college education, someone’s rent, or are the reason someone can afford groceries for the week. 


5. Helps out your local community in many ways.

 Shopping small and local keeps your hard earned money in your community. According to Civic Economics, “on average, 48% of each purchase at local independent businesses is recirculated locally, compared to less than 14% of purchases at chain stores.” That money is what funds road improvements, first responders, schools and more so you're not only supporting a small business, you're helping your community grow and prosper. 

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