About Us

A Snack:

An extremely attractive or cute girl.

'Damn, that girls lookin like a snack. I'd eat that up in a second'

-Urban Dictionary 

Lookin like a Snack:

A scrumdiddlyumptious individual who is a delicious looking babe that's an unstoppable, sexy, independent baddie. 

'Wow look at her, she's got it goin on.. she's lookin like a SNACK'

-The Snack 

Vision Statement: 

    The Snack PDX believes that shopping should be a fun and exciting experience, just like your wardrobe. Shopping can be boring and rather excluding for those who work in the Adult Entertainment industry. We specifically design or source items that can be worn for work and we incorporate items that you would wear or use outside of work to be a complete one-stop-shop for baddies. By no means are we exclusive to just those who twerk for work or brew coffee in a bikini (among other job descriptions), we welcome anyone who feels like a bad a$$ babe to shop with us to keep themselves lookin like a SNACK

Woman Run:

The Snack PDX is a female run and operated business in the greater Portland area. Our Owner spent over 12 years working and competing as an Entertainer before deciding to take her hobby of sewing and turning it into a full on business. With the sewing expertise from her Mother, The Snack creates cute  bikinis and outfits that make you feel some type of way.  

Shipping Time:

Some of our products are made to order, some are not. Due to the variability of time products take to make, occasionally your items will come shipped separately. Unless otherwise noted all  items from The Snack are made once you order them. It usually takes 4-6 business days to complete, excluding swimwear which takes 7-14 business days. You will be contacted by email if the estimated time to complete your order is longer.

Due to the nature of our items we do not accept returns, but if you have an issue with your order please contact us ASAP and we will do our best to resolve the issue.